Savéol dismasted - Samantha Davies out of Vendee Globe

At 18:45 hrs, on Thursday, 15 November, Samantha Davies contacted the race office of the Vendée Globe to report that her boat had dismasted. Davies is not injured. She is safe inside the boat with all the watertight doors closed. She is monitoring the situation and does not require assistance. She is wearing her survival suit and has safety equipment at hand.

Samantha Davies out of Vendee Globe

When the incident occurred, she was about 130 nautical miles northwest of Madeira (position 34 ° 20'N 19 ° 01'W). The conditions at the time of dismasting were: wind 260 °, 40 knots, swell northwest, 3 to 4 metres. But the situation will gradually improve, with winds decreasing to 15 knots in the second half of the night.

After speaking to Davies, the race office contacted the Cross Griz Nez (France’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) to release an urgent Notice to Mariners (AVURNAV). All vessels navigating in a 200 nautical mile radius around Savéol were informed of the incident and the position of the boat.

In a second incident Thursday, Spain's Javier Sanso on 'Acciona' had to head for shelter to refix the track of the mainsail halyard and will become the backmarker of the fleet.

It seems the terrible record of dismastings and keel failure is continuing for the class - In the last five years, 20 boats have been dismasted.

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16 November 2012 6:16 GMT


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