Cowes Week - Day 5 ideal racing conditions

Day 5 of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week saw the race area predominately bathed in sun, with the wind settling solidly into the west-southwest around 11:00 and building from around 12 knots to a maximum of 19 knots, with puffs into the early 20s. This provided enough power for the newer boats to achieve exhilarating downwind speeds, particularly on the larger yachts’ final run to the finish at the Royal Yacht Squadron, while the crews of traditional dayboats had the challenge of physically tough windward legs.

IRC Class 0, racing for the New York Yacht Club Challenge Cup, had a 42-mile course from a start in the western Solent, around the south of the Isle of Wight to a finish in the eastern Solent. The Volvo Ocean 65 Team SCA took line honours, 15 minutes ahead of Irvine Laidlaw’s Reichel Pugh 52 Cape Fling ll.

However, Laidlaw was unable to save his time on Michael Bartholomew’s Tokoloshe ll, which won the Cup by a margin of 35 seconds on corrected time. The lowest rated boat in the class, the de Graaf family’s Ker 40 Baraka GP, took third place on handicap having finished more than an hour after Team SCA.

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All Classes - Day 5, Wednesday - Cowes Week Top 5
IRC Class 0
1, Tokoloshe II (Michael Bartholomew)
2, Cape Fling II (Irvine Laidlaw)
3, Baraka Gp (Family de Graaf)
4, Oystercatcher XXX (Richard Matthews)
5, Werewolf (Bertie Bicket and Chris Little)

IRC Class 1
1, Moana (Francois Goubau)
2, Antilope (Willem Wester)
3, Localletterbox Zero II (James Gair - Cowes Race School)
4, Erivale III (Mike Greville)
5, Magic (Aasmund Drolsum)

IRC Class 2
1, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
2, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
3, Premier Flair (Jim Macgregor)
4, Alegria (Carl Sabbe)
5, Minx 3 (Jonathan Gardiner)

IRC Class 3
1, Xinska (Bernard Olesinski)
2, Saffier Nitro (Saffier Nitro)
3, Salvo (Mr & Mrs Peter Morton)
4, Grand Slam (Hans Keverling Buisman)
5, Puma Logic (Sailing Logic)

IRC Class 4
1, Elaine (Mike Bridges)
2, Strait Dealer (David Franks)
3, Extra Djinn (Neville Hodkin)
4, Alaris (John Howell)
5, Muskox (Neville)

IRC Class 5
1, Etb Tyres Just Like That (Chaz Ivill)
2, Haven Kj Enigma (Ian Braham)
3, Brightwork (Bob and Jon Baker)
4, Induljence (Nick and Adam Munday)
5, 2Xs (Aindriu McCormack)

IRC Class 6
1, Whooper (Giovanni Belgrano)
2, Woof (Jo Richards)
3, Aelana (John Wardle)
4, Icom Cool Blue (Simon Cory)
5, Scallywag (Julian Lord)

IRC Class 7
1, Madelaine (Edward Donald)
2, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)
3, Paloma (Jim Tennant, Joe Tennant, Dan Tennant and Johnny)
4, Exocet (Tom Firth)
5, Jiminy Cricket (Mike Harrison)

Contessa 32
1, Blanco (Ray Rouse)
2, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
3, Nimbus (Charles Hill)
4, Gualin (Rob Duke)
5, Jemma Of Bosham (Tim Hardy)

Cork 1720
1, Premier Cru (Tom Richardson)
2, Midnight Cowboy (Steph Merry)
3, Rogan Josh (Powell, Sutherland, Hooper and Dean)
4, Rum N Cork (Livingstone and Lewis)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, Brevity (Mark Devereux)
2, Thunder Squall (Julian James)
3, Alamara B II (Ole Bettum)
4, Girlsforsail.Com 2 (
5, White Heather (Janet & Lionel Miller)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Dabra (Ian Miller)
2, Kalliste (Boissier & Bentley)
3, Syrakus (Klaus Manthey and Rainer Wagner)
4, Magician (Guy O'Beirne)
5, Widgeon (Nick Fletcher)

1, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
2, Defender (J Preston, R Laird, P Morton)
3, Decoy (Andrew Norton, Richard Ottaway, David Chaplin, Julian Goodwi)
4, Dynamite (Anthony Balme)
5, Finesse (Diana Christie)

1, Jerboa (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
2, Aimee (Graham Bailey)
3, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
4, Furious (Owen Pay)
5, Bertie (Simon Barter)

1, Stampede (Rob Goddard)
2, China White (Nick Stagg)
3, Idea (Jack Wilson)
4, Exabyte V (Shaun Frohlich & Emily Frohlich)
5, Moonlight (Downer Family)

First 40.7
1, Incognito (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
2, Fandango (Brendan McMahon and Adam Ridett)
3, Anticipation (Pete Newlands)
4, Playing Around (Nick Rawbone)
5, Mitchellson Interceptor (Stuart & James Wilkie)

Flying 15
1, Hakuna Kutoa Katika (John Hanson)
2, Men Behaving Badly (John Mander)
3, Black (Nick Clarke)
4, Ffoly (Chris Wright)
5, Ffreefire 20 (Sam Chan and Nick Atkinson)

1, Jugador (Jack Davies)
2, Darwin Property (Charlie Esse)
3, Raf Benevolent Fund (Wg Cdr Simon Ling)
4, Jawbreaker (David Atkinson)
5, Wilson Covers (Ian Wilson)

1, Betty (Jon Powell)
2, Doolalli 4 (Colin Simonds and Family)
3, Seafire (Jamie Diamond)
4, Wairua (Richard Powell)
5, Wild Wally (Robert Walters)

1, Inspara (Tor McLaren)
2, Jumunu (Jamie Sheldon)
3, Aspiration (Christopher Sharples and Richard Acland)
4, Me Julie (Hedley Aylott)
5, Boo (Neil McGrigor)

1, McFly (Tony Mack)
2, Jeez Louise (James Arnell)
3, Sweeny (Kees van Vliet & Hans J.G. Zwijnenburg)
4, Plan J (Stewart Hawthorn)
5, Icarus (Andrew Christie and Chris Body)

1, Mimosa (Guy Mattinson and Jeremy Pocock)
2, Jade (Elizabeth Windridge)
3, Miranda (Richard Prest and Ben Few Brown)
4, Cynthia (Andrew, Jo and Alex Neill)
5, Rosemary (John Turner and Mike Randall)

1, Buzz (Phil Cotton)
2, Humdinger (John Beech)
3, Wandering Glider (Matthew West)

Quarter Ton
1, Blackfun (Tony Hayward)
2, Bullit (Morty)
3, Magnum Evolution (Eric Reynolds)
4, Illegal Immigrant (Mark Yeabsley)
5, Bad Toad (Paul Roberts)

1, Harlequin (John Raymond and Matt Alexander)
2, Capella II (Hugo Cuddigan)
3, Quail (B B Huber, C Blackburn and J Robertson)
4, Toucan (Colin & Becky Samuelson and Peter Harvey)
5, Banzai II (Nick Rowton-Lee, Rory Morrison and Paul Lacy-Smith)

RS Elite
1, Aeolus (Jono Brown)
2, Limelite (Chris Preston)
3, Kiss (Martin Wadhams)
4, Wombat (Jason Proctor)
5, Freebie Knot (Andrew Archibald)

1, Sail Navy (Olly Bennett)
2, Edigitalresearch (Charles & Alec Russell and Ed Handasyde Dick)
3, Turbulence Too (Paul & Natalie French)
4, Polarbear (Tim Newton)
5, Red Kite (Roger Harford)

Sigma 33
1, Shadowfax (David Rolfe)
2, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
3, Stan The Boat (Toby Gorman)
4, Prospero Of Hamble (Allan Fraser)
5, Sixes And Sevens (Stuart Whitmore)

Sigma 38
1, With Alacrity (Chris & Vanessa Choules and Friends)
2, Zanzara (Nick Gale)
3, Sam (Serena Alexander, Peter Hopps and Hilary Cook)
4, Gambit (Cees Schrauwers)
5, Quatro Solutions (Quatro Solutions Panda Nova)

1, Bertie (Alistair Barter and Ed Suckling)
2, Jenny (Andy Cassell)
3, Shoreham Youth Team (Alex)
4, Biscuit (James Holman)
5, Fiscal (Lt Col D J Peerless)

1, Abracadabra (Howard Steavenson)
2, Zhik (Chris Turner)
3, Grapefruit Graphics (Nathan Batchelor)
4, Fer De Lance (Glyn Locke)
5, Akarana 3 (Graham Deegan)

1, Lady Penelope (M Hutchings and A Ramsey)
2, Squib (Dick Batt)
3, Aquabat (Sarah Everitt and Steve Warren-Smith)
4, Surprise (Duncan Grindley)
5, Osprey (Chris Gear and Andy Foulks)

1, Melody (Johnny Hornby)
2, Danny (Roger Wickens)
3, Firefly (Stewart Reed)
4, Misty (Humphrey van der Klugt)
5, Query (Tim Hill)

Sunsail Match F40
1, Chaotic (Chaotic)
2, First Sailing (First Sailing)
3, Cvh Racing (CVH Racing)
4, Aberdeen Sunsail 1 (Aberdeen Sunsail 1)
5, Deloitte Blue (Deloitte Blue)

1, Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore and Mark Struckett)
2, Skua (Harry Roome, Prue Roome, Will Rainey and Robin Knibb)
3, Solitude (AJ Lunch and AM Reid)
4, Avocet (John Houghton)
5, Archon (Malcolm Green)

1, Zinnia (John Scammell)
2, Zest (KF and SA Taylor)
3, Variety (Janet Dee and Shaun Hopkins)
4, Ziva (Jim Downing)
5, Zelia (Geoff & Sarah Dixon)

X One Design
1, Venus (Nik Froud)
2, Phoenix (Andrew Shaw)
3, Foxglove (Alastair Ashford)
4, Silhouette (Tom Vernon)
5, Lass (John Tremlett, J R Lear, R Bullock and R Jordan)