Laser UK to go ahead with scheduled events

With the uncertainty about the international situation of the Laser class, with the on-going situation between builders and the designer Bruce Kirby, the UK Laser Association has reassured its members that all the UKLA events shown on the website calendar are going ahead. The Committee plans to update members in the next issue of GYBE, which will be published at the end of May or beginning of June.

The Laser International Assocaition issued this satement Wednesday 10 April:
'The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) is disappointed to learn about the actions by Bruce Kirby Inc concerning the introduction of a new class association whilst there is an unresolved legal dispute between Bruce Kirby Inc and some Laser builders. The ILCA continues to believe that it is necessary to resolve the current legal issues before considering possible alternatives, and remains committed to working towards a resolution.'

Laser designer Bruce Kirby, who owns the design rights but not the name, has renamed his boat the Kirby Torch and called a halt to Laser production. This means that no legally licensed Lasers are available at this moment. Builders in Australia, Canada and the Netherlands have joined Kirby and now call their boats the 'Torch'.

Kirby Torch aka the Laser