Kurt Arrigo wins the Yacht Racing Image of the Year Award

The photographer Kurt Arrigo, from Malta has won the Yacht Racing Image of the Year Award, presented by Mirabaud, Private Bankers, for his photography taken during the Volcano Race, featuring the yacht Nilaya and the reflection of the island of Capri on her hull. Forty-six photographers from all over the world participated in the contest. Click image for larger image

“This picture has been taken during the Volcano Race 2012”, said photographer Kurt Arrigo soon after being awarded. “The weather had been bad all day, but the sun suddenly came out for a short while. We were leaving the area but I asked the pilot of the helicopter to fly back briefly over the leading boat; that’s when I took this photograph. I am absolutely thrilled to receive such a prestigious award. It is a great honour for me.”

The final choice was made by five members of the Jury. Shirley Robertson,double Olympic Gold medallist, said that “the quality of this years’ finalists really is extraordinarily high; each photograph tells a story of an exceptional year in our sport. I loved them all”.

According to Christian Février, a legend of yacht racing photography, “the reflection at twilights in the hull was interesting. But the importance of the crew creates a second point of interest. It's a great shot, that would have been impossible to do twenty years ago with the films of very low speed we used then.”

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