Irish Olympic Star sailor escapes betting ban

The Irish Olympic Star sailor Peter O'Leary has escaped a suspension by the International Olympic Committee after he bet on Britain's Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson to win in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The IOC executive board ruled that O'Leary had violated IOC betting rules when he placed two bets of €300 at odds of 12-1 on Britain to win the men's Star event in Beijing and won €3,600. O'Leary avoided a ban because the IOC found that his bets had no effect on the result and was let off with a warning.

O'Leary and his crew Stephen Milne did not qualify for the Star medal race in Beijing, which was won by Britain's Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson. The IOC said there was no evidence of match-fixing and that O'Leary had not been fully aware of the betting rules at the time.

IOC rules bar athletes from betting on Olympic events and O'Leary could have faced a suspension but a warning was deemed sufficient because his activity had "no impact" on the result.