Sailrocket takes the speed record way over 60 knots

Paul Larsen and the Vestas Sailrocket team have taken the sailing speed record over 60 knots on their second run Saturday afternoon. This is the Tweet from Paul - Ok mental speed, s!!! On the GT-31 gps 67.74 and an average 500m 65.37! Yihaaaaaaaaaa... That will do... packing up... Fresh off the TRIMBLE Sat night . . . 68.01 over 1 second, 65.45 over 500 meters . . . I think that is over 75 mph (Editor).

This was Paul Larsen, early Saturday morning:

The project has been going on a big up for some time now and we want it to continue that way. Things can easily go the other way. The day is going to pump. We used to try and use that power to punch through our glass ceilings but now we have shown that we don't need it. We are operating at around 2.4 - 2.5 times windspeed and a few more knots makes a big difference.

The thing is that whilst we know we will have a lot more power if it's gusting up to 30... what we don't know is what the nature of our drag curve is up ahead. Is it gradual or is it another 'brick wall'. On paper we expect cavitation to happen just over 65 knots. That's on paper. How it manifests itself is yet to be seen.

This boat is damned powerful and in 30 knots, sheeted in hard with around 65-70 knots of apparent wind it's going to be one hell of a tug of war between the wing and the foil. VSR2 is being optimised for a big number. The pitch of the main foil has been reduced by 0.25 degrees, fairings have been added to the front of the stub beam (which holds the foil) and the outboard flap that controls the height of the leeward float has had its negative pitch range increased to help me keep it all on the level.

Yes I'm nervous. This is a big day. Hopefully we will see you on the other side.

Cheers, Paul

And later . . .

VESTAS Sailrocket 2 - Image Helena Darvelid/VestasSailrocket

Job done - Image Helena Darvelid/VestasSailrocket

Numbers in the sand - Image Helena Darvelid/VestasSailrocket

"I'll let the pictures tell the story. The triple rum and cokes are already hitting the mark."


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