VESTAS Sailrocket hits 61+

An excited Paul Larsen has this evening (19:17 Monday) just reported that VESTAS Sailrocket had a 61 + knot peak speed run and a 54 knot average. Had to stop as the end was coming up fast. Everything went into fast forward. I was saying "this is fast, this is fast" and then she took off again... "this is real f*****g fast"!!! . . . I thought we might have bagged the outright as well . . . as you would after hitting over 60 knots, but the average wasn't there... I think. We haven't downloaded the big TRIMBLE yet. Everyone is getting the data down now. We broke our own PB twice today... so that's 2 x triple rum and cokes in pint glasses... and of course the 60 knot bottle of champagne also falls. Happy days.

What a great relief. I know the current world record is toast . . . hell, they can even raise it a bit if they want. Life for VESTAS Sailrocket 2 starts at 60 knots. Today she walked on stage. She was beautiful to drive. Totally in control.

I got Helena to come down to the end of the course before I checked the speeds. I wanted her to be there. Unfortunately she had her phone in her drysuit pocket so that was the end of the Tweets.

Righto... lots to do.

The outright record remains to be beaten. I'll let you all know the actual numbers when I know myself. Happy days alright. Nice work team... real nice.

Cheers from one beaming Australian in Namibia.

The record currently stands at 55.65 knots (64 mph) and is held by American Kite Surfer Rob Douglas. VESTAS Sailrocket 2 was built in the VESTAS R+D facilities on the Isle of Wight and launched in the Medina River in March 2011.

VESTAS Sailrocket 2 - Image Helena Darvelid/VestasSailrocketClick image for larger image

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12 November 2012 20:43 GMT