ISAF President praises 2012 Games but warns of sailing's image

Retiring ISAF President Göran Petersson praised the Olympic Games in Weymouth, saying they were extremely successful for the ISAF, but warned that, "For the sake of the image of our sport and our organisation, we should conduct our meetings properly." In his final President's Report to the ISAF Annual Conference in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, Petersson highlighted three aspects that made the 2012 Games such a success. Firstly the ticketed spectator area where more than 60,000 tickets were sold and customer surveys indicated that the people were very happy being there and enjoying the spectator venue.

The second important point was that management of the venue and the race was excellent. ISAF Race officials blended in with the local organisers ensuring a smooth running of the event. And thirdly the TV production meant that there was a very good product for the viewers at home.

Patterson also played up the success of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, although the sailing events received some criticism for the cut-back in coverage compared with the standard games. And he alluded to this with his plea for improvements in the TV production for the Paralympics in Rio.

The overreaching battle of the summery ejection of the windsurfer events from Rio 2016 and replacement with kiteboarding was briefly touched on when the President reminded the Council that: "We have not got many Racing Rules submissions as we just have finalised the book, but we have an unusual number on one topic; to re-consider decisions taken in May on the Olympic Programme."

He stressed that the Council members had a big responsibility to deal with the issues put before them which would affect the sport and the sailors. And finished . . . "One thing is clear; there are different views and very different outcomes possible. There will be happiness and disappointment about the decisions. For the sake of the image of our sport and our organisation, we should conduct our meetings properly. After decisions have been made, we must work on their implementation to the best of our ability whilst respecting the decisions made by the Council.