Olympic Games move a non-starter say IOC

The reports in UK national newspapers, that the International Olympic Committee had secretly made an informal approach to discover whether enough venues from the 2012 London Games could be brought back into use, were described as a 'non-starter and unfeasible' by a spokeswoman for the IOC.

The reports followed growing panic at the International Olympic Committee over the shambles in Rio, where organisers are badly behind schedule.

IOC vice-president John Coates, who called Brazil’s preparations 'the worst I’ve experienced', told a Sydney conference last month that construction had not begun on some venues, infrastructure was significantly delayed and water quality was a major concern with just two years to go.

'The IOC has formed a special task force to try to speed up preparations but the situation is critical on the ground,' he said, calling the intervention 'unprecedented'.

The practicality of such of move is in doubt as many of the 2012 sites have already been converted or dismantled, and transforming them to competition-standard venues again would cost billions and cause major disruption for the clubs currently using them.

One site that is still in Olympic mode is the sailing centre on Portland, which has continued to be used for major international and national sailing events. Following the scathing reports by competitors at recent sailing events in Rio on the water conditions there. they might prefer the cleaner water off Weymouth.

G New
10 May 2014 17:14 GMT


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