Tritium Lending Club breaking Transpac record project

Transpac 2013 - Tritium Lending Club is almost ready. A few days before the start, Ryan Breymaier gives us a few words about the preparation state. The trimaran will take the start of the 2013 Transpac 13 July. The race is between Los Angeles and Honolulu in Hawaï. In the latest video Howard Hamlin takes us through the narrow spaces onboard.

Lending Club is an online financial community that brings together creditworthy borrowers and savvy investors so that both can benefit financially. They replace the high cost and complexity of bank lending with a faster, smarter way to borrow and invest. You can apply for a personal loan and get an instant rate quote. Lending Club works on Debt consolidation and alternative investments. More informations on :

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12 July 2013 19:07 GMT


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