Day 1 at F18 Worlds

The F-18 World Championships managed one race in moderate winds at Grosseto, Italy on Monday. Flight winners were Mitch Booth and Jordi Booth, Spain and Billy Besson and Jerome Lagarrigue of France. Britian's Hugh Styles and Richard Mason finished third in their yellow flight.

F18 - World Championship (161 entries)
1st ESP 1910 Booth Mitch, Booth Jordi Yellow 1 pts
1st FRA 1796 Besson Billy, Lagarrigue Jeremie Green 1 pts
3rd FRA 301 Francois Gabart, Matthieu Vandame Green 2 pts
3rd NED 1796 Heemskerk Mischa, Tentij Bastiaan Yellow 2 pts
5th NED 2010 Veenman Jorden De Waard, Frank Green 3 pts
5th GBR 7 Styles Hugh, Richard Mason Yellow 3 pts
7th FRA 004 Bontemps Gurvan, Amiot Benjamin Blue 4 pts
7th IRL 137 McHugh dermot, Siobhian keogh Red 4 pts
9th FRA 5 Dodé Emmanuel, Moreau Frédéric Red 5 pts
9th GER 277 Helge Sach Christian Sach Yellow 5 pts
11th ARG 666 Rodger Ian Pablo Volker Blue 6 pts
11th NED 2 Zeekant Oscar Van Hek Sanne Red 6 pts
13th USA 888 Reiss Taylor Whitehead Matthew Red 7 pts
13th GRE 77 Paschalidis Iordanis Dyrssen Gustaf Blue 7 pts
15th ITA 23 Radman Marco Cioni Luca Green 8 pts
15th FRA 2 Trécul Yoann Melot Paul Blue 8 pts
17th ITA 3 de Paoli Carlo Stella Maurizio Red 9 pts
17th ITA 13 Bissaro Vittorio Laberto Cesari Blue 9 pts
19th FRA 33 Vaireaux Moana Audinet Manon Green 10 pts
19th ARG 11Gonzalez Smith Cruz Heuser Mariano Yellow 10 pts