Extreme Sailing Series will Foil in 2016

Extreme Sailing Series organisers OC Sport has announced that a new design of multihull will feature from the 2016 series "as part of the event in the future". With the America's Cup movong to a regular world series with 45ft foiling multihulls, and other organisations also jumping on the foiling band-wagon, OC Sport see their unique market appeal coming under threat.

OC Sport Executive Chairman Mark Turner, who pioneered the Series and the now often coined phrase ‘Stadium Racing’ when it was launched as the iShares Cup in 2007, recognised this pressure.

“We were the first to bring multihulls to professional sailing in the way the Extreme Sailing Series does, and we need to keep moving with new developments in our sport to maintain our position at the top."

"We have a whole package of changes to be announced in the coming months to the event format – for now we can simply announce that we have started the development of a new class of foiling boat, with the option for sailing in non-foiling mode where the smallest of Stadiums requires it."

"The core of the Extreme Sailing Series has always and will continue to be Stadium Racing, captivating spectators racing just metres from the shore. Making use of our open water days to foil, or a combination of venues over the whole year that allow for foiling and Stadium Racing are all being considered.”

Click image for a larger image - Rasmus Kostner (DEN), Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN), Francois Vergnol and Tyson Lamond form part of the initial advisory panel.

OC Sport Technical Manager, Neil Graham, is currently leading the design process and a build schedule will be announced in the coming months.

The initial group of experts, from whom a smaller advisory panel will be formed, have been hand-picked for their unique insight into both the sport and the Extreme Sailing Series, and brings together some of the world’s top multihull sailors, who will be involved throughout the design process.

Amongst them are a host of former Extreme Sailing Series champions including Leigh McMillan (GBR) and Chris Draper (GBR). Also on the panel is Mitch Booth (AUS), who was instrumental in the design of the Extreme 40, and long-time competitors on the Series Rasmus Kostner (DEN), Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN), and Hans-Peter Steinacher (AUT).