New leader at Flying 15 Nationals

Flying Fifteen sailors enjoyed a third day of sparkling sunshine and light SW breezes, as they added another two windward leeward races in Portland Harbour. The big winners on the day were Steve Goacher and Phil Evans who moved into a six point lead, from day 2 leaders Mike Hart and Jeremy Davy. Alan Bax and James Grant were the other gainers, and their two good results lifted them to third overall, just a point behind Hart and Davy.

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Racing was held in the afternoon, and the breeze was up to 7kts at the start of the first race. At the windward mark, it was three of the leaders in contention, with Australians Ashley Smith and Kym Thumpkin leading at the top, followed by Goacher/Evans and Richard Lovering and Matt Alvarado.

In this race most of the frontrunners stayed there. On the third beat, Goacher closed on Smith, and took the lead at the spreader mark. He held his lead to win by just two boat lengths from Smith, with Alan Bax/James Grant gaining a place to take third.

The breeze stayed at 6 kts allowing a quick start to the longest race yet, of three rounds plus a beat. However, of the top three at the windward mark, two were given OCS, Ashley Smith and Richard Lovering, altering the picture at the front when they left the race.

So the leader was Ian Cadwallader and Dave Sweet. They maintained their lead to the finish. Goacher/Evans improved from sixth at the first windward mark to second by the finish, despite pressure from Bax/Grant, who held position well to take third.

Many Flying Fifteens are sailed by mixed teams, including husband/ wife and parent/ child combinations. Mixed teams often do well in the class, and husband/ wife teams have won World Championships. Best of the mixed teams here are Australians Ashley Smith/ Kym Thumpkin, who currently are in fifth overall, with Kym a strong contender to gain the prize for highest placed female sailor.

Flying 15 - UKGLOBAL Flying 15 Nationals, Weymouth (40 entries)
1st 4021 Steve GOACHER Phil EVANS Royal Windermere 13 pts
2nd 3760 Mike HART Jeremy DAVY Hayling Island SC 19 pts
3rd 3998 Alan BAX James GRANT Hayling Island SC 20 pts
4th 3955 Richard LOVERING Matt ALVARADO Hayling Island SC 22 pts
5th 3972 Ashley SMITH Kym THUMPKIN Sandgate SC 26 pts
6th 3937 Simon KNELLER Dave LUCAS Grafham Water SC 26 pts
7th 3957 Charles APTHORP Jonathan CLARK Hayling Island SC 37 pts
8th 4014 Ian CADWALLADER Dave SWEET Chew Valley Lake SC 39 pts
9th 3936 Steve DOUTHWAITE Paul AVERLEY RNYC 48 pts
10th 4019 David TABB Chewey SHERRELL Parkstone YC 51 pts
11th 3954 Justin WAPLES Jamie WATERHOUSE RCYC 58 pts
12th 3537 Bob ALEXANDER Huw WILLETTS Parkstone YC 58.5 pts
13th 3914 Adrian TATTERSALL Vincent Harris Parkstone YC 61 pts
14th 3974 Geoff BAYLISS Simon HUNT Hayling Island SC 66 pts
15th 3407 Simon SPOLTON Simon PHILBRICK Parkstone YC 66 pts
16th 3934 Anthony OSMAN Andy OSMAN Parkstone YC 67 pts
17th 3994 Chris WAPLES Tom WAPLES Hayling Island SC 70 pts
18th 3681 Pip HUDSON Peter NASH Broxbourne SC 80 pts
19th 3703 Stephen HOPSON Nigel KING Oxfordshire SC 91 pts
20th 3899 Mike THOMPSON Dave MOY Chew Valley Lake SC 96 pts
21st 4020 Graham SCROGGIE Ben SCROGGIE Parkstone YC 97 pts
22nd 3862 Bill CHARD Dominic BOWNS Chew Valley YC 99.5 pts
23rd 3795 Simon PATTERSON Simon THOMPSON Draycote Water SC 104 pts
24th 3922 Crispin READ WILSON Conner CIANTAR Parkstone YC 106 pts
25th 3976 Bernard DEMARTIAL Jean-yves RENAULT Dinard YC 108 pts
26th 3947 Nick TAYLOR Mark PERRITON Grafham Water SC 111 pts
27th 3490 Patrick KEATS Chris JERMYN Parkstone YC 113 pts
28th 3902 Richard HOPE Mike STENSON Draycote Water SC 117 pts
29th 3911 Andrew CLARK Agness CLARK Draycote Water SC 128 pts
30th 3850 Christina MONCUR Stephen MONCUR Parkstone YC 128 pts
31st 3901 Michael KILBEE Tony COX Parkstone YC 137 pts
32nd 3721 Keith JAMIESON Dave HEMINGWAY Royal Windermere YC 144 pts
33rd 3866 Alex TIMMS Lucy TIMMS Chew Valley YC 145 pts
34th 2979 Stephen CROSBIE David CROSBIE Royal Motor YC 147 pts
35th 3783 Steve RANDLE Lisa RANDLE Parkstone YC 152 pts
36th 3826 Daniel PILGRIM Josh PRATER Chew Valley Lake SC 153 pts
37th 4012 Jonathan KNIGHT Patricia KNIGHT Grafham Water SC 161 pts
38th 3421 Mike PEARCE Ken REED Chew Valley Lake SC 163 pts
39th 3627 Robert GOODISON Jonathan MALLORY Scarborough YC 181 pts
40th 3130 Jordan ASPIN Josh BELL Sir John Fisher SC 191 pts

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