Inaugural Global Team Race win for Royal Thames YC

Royal Thames YCl won the inaugural Global Team Race Regatta, a two-on-two keelboat team race hosted by the New York YC in Newport, RI

The eight person British team won 18 of 21 races over the course of three days in the event which involved a total of 12 teams.

Second were the host New York Yacht Club who finished with 16 wins and five losses.

Third were the St Francis Yacht Club of San Francisco with 15 wins and sixe losses.

The inaugural Global Team Race Regatta will apparently provide a proof of concept that will drive continued growth in the sport, greater international visibility and enhance the possibility of Olympic designation.

So its good then that in the two-on-two format, there's no need for any math . . . The team that finishes last in a race loses that race . . . Rule one for a potential Olympic event, keep it simple, unfortunately it does involve a lot of people.

The Royal Thames YC team comprised; Ben Field (TC), Andy Shaw, Scott Millar, Kate MacGregor, Andrew Cornah, Emily Wiltshire, Katie Greenland and Simon Morris.

Final Gold Fleet Results:

1st. Royal Thames Yacht Club (Great Britain), 18-3
2nd. New York Yacht Club (New York), 16-5
3rd. St. Francis Yacht Club (St. Francisco), 15-6
4th. Reale Circolo Canottieri Tevere Remo (Italy) 14-7
5th. Dutch Match & Team Racing Association (The Netherlands) 9-12
6th. Bayerischer Yacht Club (Germany), 6-15

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