Jud Smith wins J/70 World Championships

Jud Smith, born and bred in Marblehead, wins the J/70 World Championship with his team racing J/70 Africa, and representing the host club, Eastern YC

Jud Smith, sailing with Lucas Calabrese, Will Felder and Marc Gauthier, took the title without winning a single race, winning by a single point.

Bruno Pasquinelli's Stampede (USA) was the runner up overall, just a single point away from victory.

Jack Franco's 3 Ball JT (USA) was third overall, just three points away from glory,

Luis Bugallo (ESP) sailing with Alberto Basadre, Enrique Freire, Jorge Lorenzo and Gerardo Prego on Marnatura is the 2018 Corinthian J/70 World Champion.

They finished sixth overall, and adding to the European title won in June.

Of the 11 races sailed, teams from Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, Monaco, Spain, and the United States of America, all scored race wins.

Twenty-Two teams made the race podium, epitomising the strength in depth of the fleet, which was the largest fleet of J/70s ever assembled in North America.

2018 West Marine J/70 World Championship - Final Leaders after 11 races (91 entries)

1st USA 1310 Africa Jud Smith - - 105 pts
2nd USA 839 Stampede Bruno Pasquinelli - - 106 pts
3rd USA 3 3 Ball JT Jack Franco - - 108 pts
4th USA 1311 Relative Obscurity Peter Duncan - - 123 pts
5th USA 96 Savasana Brian Keane - - 124 pts
6th ESP 1283 Marnatura (Corinthian) Luis Bugallo - - 131.5 pts
7th ESP 961 Noticia Jose Maria Torcida - - 134 pts
8th ITA 1256 Enfant Terrible Alberto Rossi - - 154 pts
9th USA 2 New England Ropes Timothy Healy - - 156 pts
10th USA 551 Any Colour Scott and Alex Furnary - - 173 pts

GBR Positions:
38th GBR 1169 Graham Clapp - - 393 pts
40th GBR 1247 Martin Dent - - 396 pts
42nd GBR 1127 Paul Ward - - 414 pts
72nd GBR 828 Charles Thompson - - 600 pts

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