Melges 20 World League - Pacinotti is Champion

Italy's Filippo Pacinotti on Brontolo captures 2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division crown

Igor Rytov's Russian Bogatyrs overcame adversity to win the Cagliari regatta, but it was Filippo Pacinotti at the helm of Brontolo with tactician Manu Weiller, and crew Federico Michetti and Silvia Morini who captured the 2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division crown.

In the very end, Pacinotti managed to edge out runner-up Vladimir Prosikhin's Nika by one point, who up until the eve of Cagliari, was in charge of the 2018 Melges World League, Euro Division ranking.

He successfully rose from third, to the winners circle after an amazing performance in Cagliari, where he finished in second place overall.

With Rytov's win in Cagliari, he takes home the regatta trophy, and rounds out the top three positions on the 2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division Ranking.

Drew Freides' Pacific Yankee placed third in Cagliari.

Congratulations to Marco Giannini's Sideval team - they are 2018 Corinthian Melges 20 World League, European Division Champs.

Melges 20 - Cagliari Regatta (28 entries)

1st (RUS) Igor Rytov; RUSSIAN BOGATYRS; [7]-3-1-2-6-2 = 14pts
2nd (ITA) Filippo Pacinotti, BRONTOLO; 1-1-2-6-[16]-11 = 21pts
3rd (USA) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE; 6-2-7-1-[11]-9 = 25pts
4th (ITA) Marco Giannini, SIDERVAL; [18]-5-8-4-3-12 = 32pts
5th (RUS) Vladimir Proshikin, NIKA; [14]-4-12-3-14-4 = 37pts

Melges 20 - World League, European Division (60 entries)

1st (ITA) Filippo Pacinotti, BRONTOLO; 78 pts.
2nd (RUS) Vladimir Proshikin, NIKA; 77 pts.
3rd (RUS) Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS; 72 pts.
4th (RUS) Alexander Ezhkov, PIROGOVO; 69 pts.
5th (RUS) Alexander Novoslov, VICTOR; 66 pts.

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