International 6 Metre European Championship - Day 1

In the overall standings the Open Division is now led by three points by Portugal's Patrick Monteiro de Barros' Seljm

Behind Seljm three boats are tied on ten points for second to fourth place. After their race one victory, Reinhard Suhner and Nivola came ninth in race two, which is sufficient to give them second on count back.

Peter Durr and the Junior crew lie third with an eighth and second, and with a six, four scoreline Jane Ann helmed by Jali Makila takes fourth on count-back.

Eric Jespersen and Llanoria lead the Classic Division with a pair or race wins.

His Majesty King Juan Carlos and Bribon Gallant are lying second overall with Violetta Alvarez and Erica in third and two points clear of fourth placed Don Martin and Saskia.

Glorious sunshine and light airs were the order of the day for the opening two races of the Championship in La Trinite Sur Mer on Monday.

As the 38 boats from 10 nations came to the race area there was a light but steady north easterly blowing and the Race Committee was able to get the first or the two planned races underway promptly.

GBR 100 Cream - Click image for a larger image

The Open Division were somewhat over eager to get proceedings underway for the first race, and as a result four boats were disqualified for being over at the start:

Beat Furrer in Temptation 3, Jamie Hilton racing Matt Brook's Scoundrel, Claus Henningsson's Notorious and Paul Wealick's Max'Inux.

Fredrick Dahlman's Nivola from Switzerland helmed by Reinhard Suhner sailed superbly to win by a two minute forty seven second margin.

Peter Harrison's St Francis IX, being helmed by Andy Beadsworth, ultimately took second place with fellow Brit Robin Richardson sailing St Kitts third and Patrick Monteiro de Barros from Portugal aboard Seljm fourth.

In the second Open Division race Claes Henningsson's Notorious took an early lead, going on to win by just over a minute from Peter Durr and Reiner Muller's Junior. Patrick Monteiro de Barros from Portugal took third place aboard Seljm.

The Classics has obviously learnt from watching their younger sisters and the entire fleet managed to start on the correct side of the line for their two races.

Eric Jespersen at the helm of Rainer Muller's Llanoria, a stunning 1948 Sparkman & Stephens design and build which has won Olympic Gold twice, the One Ton Cup twice and the legendary Seawanhaka Cup twice, sailed a beautiful race to win by a minute exactly from His Majesty King Juan Carlos's Bribon Gallant.

Violetta Alvarez's recently restored Charles Nicholson designed 1938 Erica, took third in Classic race 1. - Click image for a larger image

Llanoria won the second Classic Division race by a minute and nineteen seconds. Rainer Muller's Fife designed Saskia, being helmed by Don Martin, took second place with Bribon Gallant third.

Inter 6 Metre European Championship - Open Leaders (18 entries)
1st 5 SELJM P. Monteiro de Barros 4.00  3.00  - - 7 pts
2nd 7 NIVOLA R. Suhner 1.00  9.00  - - 10 pts
3rd 28 JUNIOR P. Durr 8.00  2.00  - - 10 pts
4th 19 JANE ANN J. Makila 6.00  4.00  - - 10 pts
5th 34 ST FRANCIS IX A. Bradsworth 2.00  11.00  - - 13 pts
6th 9 ST KITTS R. Richardson 3.00  10.00  - - 13 pts
7th 16 EVELINA H. Andersin 5.00  8.00  - - 13 pts
8th 25 THISBE M. Teweless 10.00  6.00  - - 16 pts
9th 18 VALHALLA R. Smith 9.00  7.00  - - 16 pts
10th 11 NOTORIOUS C. Henningsson 19.00  1.00  - - 20 pts
11th 13 DUCLOP R. Detraz 7.00  16.00  - - 23 pts

Inter 6 Metre European Championship - Classic Leaders (20 entries)
1st 29 LLANORIA E. Jespersen 1.00  1.00  - - 2 pts
2nd 31 BRIBON GALLANT SM El Rey D. Juan Carlos 2.00  3.00  - - 5 pts
3rd 4 ERICA V. Alvarez 3.00  4.00  - - 7 pts
4th 23 SASKIA D. Martin 7.00  2.00  - - 9 pts
5th 36 LUCIE C. Healy 5.00  5.00  - - 10 pts
6th 30 TITIA M. Sanchez-Bella 4.00  8.00  - - 12 pts
7th 32 ASTREE O. Paija 6.00  7.00  - - 13 pts
8th 12 HANKO III T. Kuhmann 9.00  6.00  - - 15 pts
9th 10 VALDAI D. Stolp 8.00  11.00  - - 19 pts
10th 2 DIX AOÜT L. Heckly 10.00  10.00  - - 20 pts

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