Melges 24 European Championship - Day 1

Maidollis sets the pace of the first day in Riva del Garda

Italy's Carlo Fracassoli, Enrico Fonda, Gianluca Perego, Lagi Stefano and Matteo Ramian made the perfect start to their championship campaign, winning the first two races in Riva del Garda.

Closely tracking Maidollis was Travis Weisleder's Lucky Dog/Gill Race Team (USA) with two second place finishes.

In third place are the Corinthian World Champions of Taki 4 (ITA) with Niccolò Bertola helming and Giacomo Fossati calling tactics.

Melges 24 - European Championship leaders (72 entries)

1st. MAIDOLLIS ITA854 Carlo Fracassoli, 1-1 2pts
2nd. LUCKY DOG / GILL RACE TEAM USA749 Travis Weisleder, 2-2 4pts
3rd. TAKI 4 ITA778 COR - Niccolo Bertola, 7-7 14pts
4th. BLACK SEAL GBR822 Stefano Cherin, 3-12 15pts
5th. FGF SAILING TEAM HUN728 14-3 17pts
6th. ARKANOE by MONTURA ITA809 Sergio Caramel, 8-9 17pts
7th. GENERAL LEE ITA793 Mario Ziliani, 12-8 20pts
8th. BLOW SLAM RACING NOR787 COR - Peder Nergaard, 17-4 21pts
9th. CAIPIRINHA JR ITA633 Matteo Ivaldi, 5-20 25pts
10th. ALTEA ITA722 Andrea Racchelli, i 9-16 25pts

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