Dragon Class SW Championship - Alfie victory

Laurie Smith, crewed by Joao Matos Rosa and Tim Tavinor, won the Dragon South West Championship.

A 5, 2, 2 scoreline on day 2 gave Smith a two point victory ahead of Graham Bailey, William Heritage, William Bedford & Julia Bailey (8,4,1).

Third place went to Eric Williams, Rory Paton and Katie Cole (2,7,3) with the same points score.

The event preceeds the 70th edition of the Edinburgh Cup, the Dragon Class open British Championship, which starts Tuesday 3 July through to Saturday 7 July.

The five day championship event will be sailed in what is said to be the South West’s finest waters and hosted by the Royal Torbay Yacht Club (RTYC).

The forecast for the opening day is for more breeze and a continuation of the bright, unbroken sun.

International Dragon Class SW Championship - Final after 6 races

1st GBR815 Alfie - Lawrie Smith 15 pts
2nd GBR782 Aimee - Graham Bailey 17 pts
3rd GBR682 Ecstatic - Eric Williams 17 pts
4th GBR818 Harry - Mike Budd 20 pts
5th GBR819 Fever - Klaus Diederichs 30 pts
6th GBR408 Joanna - Dimitry Bondarenco 35 pts
7th GBR722 Avalanche - Mark Wade 38 pts
8th GBR763 Bertie - Simon Barter 39 pts
9th IRL201 Jaguar - Martin Byrne 47 pts
10th GBR777 Furious - Owen Pay 50 pts
11th GBR633 Fei-Lin's Flirtation - Ron James 53 pts
12th RUS2 Riassa (809) - Michael Cope 56 pts
13th GBR761 Jerboa - Gavia Wilkinson-Cox 57 pts
14th GBR788 Quicksilver VI - Rob Campbell 58 pts
15th GBR669 Suprmacy - Andrew Millband 61 pts
16th GBR810 Badger - Thomas Vernon 65 pts
17th GBR704 Ganador - Martin Makey 68 pts
18th GBR617 FlameAgain - David Hall 74 pts
19th GBR753 Fit Chick - Simon Raw 77 pts
20th GBR644 Tsunami - Colin Brereton 78 pts
21st GBR696 Good Grief! - Patrick Lomax 81 pts
22nd GBR806 Vixen - Tim Saunders 98 pts
23rd CAY9 Power Play - Peter Cunningham 145 pts
24th FRA341 Nanouck IV - Eric Lebon 145 pts
25th GBR770 Storm - Jonathan Brown 145 pts
26th GBR820 Louise Racing - Grant Gordon 145 pts
27th JPN50 Yevis II - Bocci (Atsushi) Aoyama 145 pts
28th SUI318 CK1 - Wolf Waschkuhn 145 pts

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