Swallow - Norman Moore Trophy at Itchenor

First major trophy win for Osprey, the newest Swallow in the Itchenor Sailing Club fleet.

The weekend delivered the first major trophy win for Osprey, the newest Swallow in the Itchenor SC fleet crewed by a talented team of ex-International 14 dinghy sailors - James Hartley, Jeremy Sibthorp and Rob Sutherland.

The North Easterly breeze on Saturday built during the day such that in the second race it was over 20 knots throughout and finished with a 28 knot gust.

James Hartley, helm of Osprey, was uncertain how they might perform in this first outing in a decent breeze. However, they need not have worried as they slipped past Gwaihir (Mike Wigmore) on the first downwind leg of an entertaining high water course.

It was Skua (Harry Roome) that completed the first race podium.

In the second race Skua got well away at the start and extended her lead with Osprey 2nd and Gwaihir a somewhat uncharacteristic 3rd.

By contrast there was little or no wind on Sunday morning for the remaining three races of the five race trophy series.

Curlew (Simon Slater) pulled off a blinder on the downwind leg of this windward/leeward course to record a well-deserved race win after Gwaihir was greeted by a stony silence on the finish line.

Osprey slid home in 2nd and Solitude (Andrew Reid) was rewarded for a steady weekend’s sailing with 3rd place.

In what turned out to be the final race, Osprey put the Trophy out of the reach of others with another race win, Skua came 2nd and Curlew secured 3rd.

Swallow Class - Norman Moore Trophy

1st 95 Osprey J Hartley, J Sibthorp, R Sutherland 1 2 2 1 4 pts
2nd 3 Skua H Roome, P Roome 3 1 5 2 6 pts
3rd 93 Gwaihir M & R Struckett, M Wigmore, C Hyatt. 2 3 20 4 9 pts
4th 70 Curlew S Slater, J Baron. 7 8 1 3 11 pts
5th 67 Solitude A Lunch, A Reid. 5 4 3 12 12 pts
6th 66 Buccanneer M Bond. 4 6 11 7 17 pts
7th 79 Stealth A Fisk, P Shepherd, M Harris, R Heath. 6 5 9 11 20 pts
8th 89 Svala H Fisher, N Masding. 14 10 6 6 22 pts
9th 74 Archon M Green, A Green. 13 7 7 8 22 pts
10th 7 Swift J Perry. 20 20 4 5 29 pts
11th 86 Migrant Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson, Nigel Glennie 9 11 10 10 29 pts
12th 87 Echo S Miller, C Hindson. 11 14 8 20 33 pts
13th 88 Darter T Glover. 10 9 20 15 34 pts

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