Melges 32 World Championship - Rombelli and his STIG team are Champions

Alessandro Rombelli and his STIG 2015 Melges 32 team sit atop of the world at Melges 32 Championship in Trapani, Italy.

The STIG crew includes tactician Francesco Bruni and crew members Pierluigi De Felice, Giorgio Tortarolo, Michele Giovannini, Daniele Fiaschi, Luca Faravelli (2010 World Champ) and Filippo La Mantia.

Despite the most impressive performance on the water, on the final day of any World Championship ever, 2013-14 trophy holder Jason Carroll on Argo finishes the event in second overall.

Tactician Cameron Appleton and crew members Scott Norris, Anthony Kotoun, Graham Landy, Mike Kutchner, Phillip 'Flipper' Wehrheim and Jake Ladow raced their hearts out to score a 1-1 for the day.

2015 marked the first time that American Ryan DeVos on Volpe raced on the prestigious European Audi-Tron Sailing Series circuit. One of the fleet's most exciting twenty-somethings, DeVos finished third overall.

Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio's G-SPOT, winner of two World Championship heats finished the event in fourth, followed by Japan's Yukihiro Ishida on Yasha Samurai in fifth - his best result at a Melges 32 Worlds!

Melges 32 - World Championship Final
1st ITA 65 Stig Alessandro Rombelli 27 pts
2nd USA 128 Argo Jason Carroll 35 pts
3rd USA 180 Volpe Ryan DeVos 52 pts
4th MON 181 G-Spot Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio 64 pts
5th JPN 203 Yasha Samuray Ishida Yukihiro 68 pts
6th JPN 233 Swing Keisuke Suzuki 73 pts
7th USA 1215 Delta Dalton DeVos 74 pts
8th MON 1 Robertissima Roberto Tomasini 79 pts
9th ITA 173 Spirit of Nerina Andrea Ferrari 79 pts
10th ITA 667 Brontolo HH Filippo Pacinotti 88 pts
11th ITA 176 Margherita Roberto Mazzucato 90 pts
12th SWE 321 Inga from Sweden Richard Goransson 99 pts
13th BER 1 Hedgehog Alec Cutler 100 pts
14th RUS 13 Synergy Valentin Zavadnikov 101 pts
15th GER 212 Wilma Fritz Homann 107 pts
16th ITA 487 Torpyone Lorenzo Lupi 108 pts
17th RUS 223 Tavatuy-Water Way Pavel Kuznetsov 121 pts
18th ITA 191 Fra Martina Edoardo Pavesio 125 pts
19th ITA 194 Vitamina Andrea Lacorte 133 pts
20th ITA 187 Audi E-Tron F.lli Giacomel Mauro Mocchegiani 133 pts
21st TUR 159 EKER Ahmet Eker 162 pts
22nd ITA 185 LEA Marco Calì 191 pts