Roberto Tomasini early leader at Melges 32 Gold Cup

Italy's Roberto Tomasini with Vasco Vascotto on tactics holds the overall lead at the 2012 Melges 32 Gold Cup, hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club in Ft. Lauderdale, USA. Tomasini has an impressive daily 2-2-3 scoreline. Eleven points behind and in second place, is Jason Carroll's Argo and tactician Cameron Appleton. Andrea Pozzi's Bombarda with Lorenzo Bressani as tactician complete the top three, one slim point behind Carroll.

Three races were completed with wind speeds not so much an issue as was the sea states. Big waves of 5-7 and occasional 9 footers across the course made for challenging conditions and great downwind rides.

Race one winner, Joel Ronning on Catapult stunned the competition by taking the lead at the first top mark, then extending for the win. Tomasini Grinover grabbed a close second, while Carroll settled for third.

Lanfranco Cirillo's Fantastica came on strong to win race two, with Tomasini Grinover in second and Joe Woods' Red in third.

The last and final heat of the day seemed to come easy to Tomasini Grinover as he stood steadfast and strong to win. Steve Howe's Warpath finished second and Pozzi came third.

Weather forecasts call for much of the same on Saturday where three more races will be held.

Melges 32 - 2012 Gold Cup (14 Boats)
1. Robertissima 1, Melges 32, Roberto Tomasini Grinover , Lugano , SUI, 2-2-1; 5pts
2. ARGO, Melges 32, Jason Carroll , New York, NY, USA, 3-7-4; 14pts
3. Bombarda, Melges 32, Andrea Pozzi , Pieve Ligure, Genoa, ITA, 8-4-3; 15pts
4. Delta, Melges 32, Dalton DeVos , Macatawa, MI, USA, 4-6-5; 15pts
5. Fantastica, Melges 32, Lanfranco Cirillo , Roncadelle, ITA, 9-1-6; 16pts
6. Warpath, Melges 32, Stephen Howe , Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, 10-5-2; 17pts
7. Goombay Smash, Melges 32, William Douglass , Southport, CT, USA, 7-10-8; 25pts
8. Red, Melges 32, Joe Woods , Torquay, Devon, UK, 15/DNS-3-9; 27pts
9. Synergy GT, Melges 32, Valentin Zavadnikov , Moscow, RUS, 12-8-7; 27pts
10. Ninkasi, Melges 32, John Taylor , Jupiter, FL, USA, 6-12-10; 28pts
11. Inga From Sweden 3, Melges 32, Richard Goransson , Stockholm, SWE, 5-13-12; 30pts
12. Catapult, Melges 32, Joel Ronning , Minneapolis, MN, USA, 1-15/DNF-15/DNS; 31pts
13. Arethusa, Melges 32, Philip Lotz , Newport, RI, USA, 13-9-11; 33pts
14. Leenabarca, Melges 32, Alex Jackson , Riverside, CT, USA, 11-11-15/DNF; 37pts