Hurricane Sandy cuts short K6 regatta

The bi-annual international K6 regatta for the Owen Torrey trophy took place at the American YC in New York over the memorable weekend of the 26-28th October. Racing was supposed to be over the three days, however Friday produced no wind and Sunday was the beginning of Hurricane Sandy. In spite of only one days sailing, 7 races were efficiently run by the professional race team in a glorious Autumnal 12 knots of breeze. Jim Wilson from the home club took the trophy by 3 points. Second were Neil Fulcher and Lawrence Crispin from Stone SC and third Ian Robson and Sandy Johnson of Aldeburgh SC.

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K6 - Owen Torrey Trophy, America YC
1. USA James Wilson , Rye, NY, USA, 3-3-3-1-1-2-1; 14 pts
2. GBR Neil Fulcher , Stone SC, GBR 1-1-2-2-3-6-2; 17
3. GBR Ian Robson , Aldeburgh SC GBR, 2-5-1-5-2-1-3; 19
4. USA Dowd / Giglia , Wilton, CT, USA, 5-2-5-3-8-4-5; 32
5. USA Joseph Healey , Stormville, NY, USA, 7-6-4-6-4-7-6; 40
6. GBR David Hall , Thorpe Bay YC GBR, 8-9-6-7-7-3-4; 44
7. USA Douglas McKeige , Mamaroneck, NY, USA, 6-4-7-4-14/DNF-5-7; 47
8. USA Christian Antoni , Morristown, NJ, USA, 9-10-8-8-5-8-8; 56
9. USA Clemmie Everett , Rye, NY, USA, 11-8-9-14/DNF-6-9-14/DNC; 71
10. GBRDavid Smithwhite , Hayling Island SC,GBR 4-7-14/DNF-14/DNF-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC; 81
11. USA Drew Harper , San Francisco, CA, USA, 10-14/DNF-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC; 94
12. USA Za Jelliffe , Pelham, NY, USA, 14/DNF-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC; 98
13. USA Jim Hahn , NORWALK, CT, USA, 14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC-14/DNC; 98

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