Soren Andreasen is Contender World Champion

With no racing on the final day of the Contender Worlds on Lake Como, Soren Andreasen of Denmark is confirmed as the new World Champion ahead of Simon Mussell of Britain, with Mark Bulka of Austrlia third.

Contender - 2013 World Championship, Lake Como, Italy (172 entries)
1st DEN 1 Søren Dulong Andreasen Male 14 pts
2nd GBR 2420 Simon Mussell Male 16 pts
3rd AUS 2571 Mark Bulka Male 25 pts
4th GER 551 Christoph Homeier Male 25 pts
5th ITA 11 Andrea Bonezzi Male 26 pts
6th GBR 2465 Stuart Jones Male M 38 pts
7th GER 2417 Christoph Engel Male 42 pts
8th ITA 69 Michele Benvenuti Male 42 pts
9th DEN 2352 Jesper Nielsen Male 51 pts
10th ITA 47 Giovanni Bonzio Male 54 pts
11th GBR 2315 Ben Holden Male 58 pts
Other leading GBR:
18th GBR 720 Graham Scott Male M 85 pts
21st GBR 2574 Gary Langdown Male M 92 pts
23rd GBR 2383 David Davies Male 104 pts
26th GBR 685 Neil Wlsoni Male M 112 pts
32nd GBR 2347 Martin Jones Male 136 pts
34th GBR 2422 Neil Ferguson Male M 149 pts
35th GBR 2376 Iain Horlock Male 158 pts
36th GBR 2512 Daniel Taylor Male 161 pts