Exocet design dominates Moth Europeans

Exocet designed Moths took the first five places at the Moth Europeans in Sicily last week, with Chris Rashley taking the overall honours. Chris has now made Moth history by winning his third European Championships in a row, all in boats designed by Kevin Ellway. Chris is also the current Moth UK National Champion and ranked 7th in the world.

The Exocet Moth, as featured at this year’s RYA Dinghy Show, is designed by Ellway Aero- Hydrodynamics and is built in the UK by Maguire Boats. It is the second Moth design from the Ellway stable, the first being the highly successful Ninja.

As Kevin Ellway says, championships are won by consistency and it is important that a boat can perform well in all weather and sea conditions.

“I have designed the Exocet to be easy to sail and drive hard,” says Kevin. “With boats travelling at over 8m/s, even upwind, it is incredibly important to minimise the time spent going slowly. So the Exocet foils early and excels at foil tacking. It can be sailed at full speed even in rough conditions.”

The Exocet represents the culmination of three years’ design and development with great collaboration between the designer and builder, Maguire Boats. Kevin has worked extensively on the developing the Exocet rig in conjunction with Alex Vallings of CTech and Chris Rashley.

Moth design never sleeps, with boats typically 3-5 knots faster now than they were five years ago. Team Exocet is currently working on new ideas to extract yet more speed out of the boat to suit the windy, flat-water conditions expected at the upcoming worlds in Hawaii later this year.