2013 Ladies’ Team Racing Titles

Society took the 2013 Ladies’ Team Racing RYA National Crown while Cambridge University clinched the BUSA title. The nation’s top female team racers completed 182 races across the weekend (23-24 Feb) at Spinnaker Club, in cold 8-12 knot north easterly breezes.The entry list boasted nine Universities and five open teams including Rutland Raiders, the only true “Club” team. Racing ran without hitch from 10:00 till 16:30 on Saturday meaning that 95 races had been run. Each team had sailed at least 13 races, and already Society, captained by Oxford Graduate Claire Lasko, had emerged as front runners as the only team to not have dropped a race.

To complete the second round robin, 87 races were needed to be run on Sunday. With the promise of good breezes early on, the Race Committee opted for a 09:00 warning signal. Despite a lively and well supported social amazingly only Exeter and Bristol Pink fell foul to early start, throughout though racing ploughed on and by 15:00 the 182 races had been run.

In the BUSA Competition, Cambridge cemented their lead and finished the event as BUSA Champions. In the end they notched up with 20 race wins and finished fourth overall just in front of Rutland Raiders, and long way ahead of the other Universities.

At the top of the table Society looked to be far and away the most drilled team on the water and continued in their winning ways to take the event without loss, despite good attempts by both BUSA teams to try and upset the Oxbridge “tour de force”.

RYA & BUSA Ladies’ Team Racing Nationals Results
RYA Nationals
1. Society
2. BUSA White
3. BUSA Pink
4. Cambridge
5. Rutland Raiders
6. Cardiff
7. Exeter
8. Sevenoaks School
9. Southampton
10. Oxford
11. Southampton Solent
12. Bristol Purple
13. Bristol Pink
14. Plymouth

BUSA Nationals
1. Cambridge
2. Cardiff
3. Exeter
4. Southampton
5. Oxford
6. Southampton
7. Solent
8. Bristol Purple
9. Bristol Pink
10. Plymouth