Vintage Yachting Olympic Games for Weymouth

Some good news for those of a certain age! The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) has won the right to host the Vintage Yachting Games in 2016. This will mean the return of the Flying Dutchman to Weymouth, a reminder that Britain ruled supreme in the class with the likes of Keith Musto, John Oakley, Rodney Pattisson etc . . . Held every four years, the Vintage Yachting Games will head to Weymouth and Portland during the summer of 2016 when 300 boats are expected to race in 10 to 14 different classes. The classes will range from the Europe, women's singlehander (Shirley Robertson won Gold in 2000) to the 5.5 meter keelboat.

Yachting (now called sailing) was included in the Olympic Games as early as 1896 and has generated over 46 different classes through the years. I have no idea how the classes are selected from the many that have been used over the years, but in the 1948 London Games, when the sailing events were held in Torbay, the Firefly was used for the singlehander, the 12sqm Sharpie for the 2-man dinghy and the Swallow, Star and Dragon keelboats. All are still active classes, how about them being included for 2016?

Perhaps Ed Leask, Chairman of WPNSA, would consider jumping back in a Flying Dutchman or Soling - he was a keen FD sailor, silver at the 1970 FD Worlds with John Truett, and represented Britain in the Soling class in the '84 and '88 Olympics.

Classes expected to race :
Europe, 12ft dinghy, O-Jolle, Flying Dutchman, Soling, Dragon, Tempest, 5.5m