140 Moths at HISC for World Championships

All action at Hayling Island SC as foiling Moths arrive from all over the world for their World Championship. 140 International Moths are expected to take part in the event which opens on Wednesday with the UK National Championship as a taster for the Worlds which start on Saturday 19 July.

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The record breaking event has attracted competitors from eighteen countries and not just the regular top Moth sailors, but Olympian and America's Cup sailors keen to try their skills in the foiling machines on the challenging courses of Hayling Bay.

Hayling Island will see a new World Champion. Two-time champion and current title holder, Bora Gulari of the USA, recently signed for the Luna Rossa America’s Cup team and cannot get to the UK to defend his title.

Top names vying for his title include Australian Nathan Outteridge, the reigning 49er gold medallist and Artemis America’s Cup helmsman. He won the 2011 Moth Worlds and was runner-up in 2009 & 2013.

Another Aussie winner to look out for is Josh McKnight who won the 2012 Moth World Championships on Lake Garda, and still another from down-under who will be out there is Scott Babbage, 2nd in 2012 and 3rd in 2013, he just needs that top spot to complete the set.

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Brad Funk looks like the top USA challenger and has been practising hard in the Bay so could be the man in command if the wind and chop kick in.

And for the UK, Rob Greenhalgh, who is a winner in everything he sails, big and small, could just put it all together on home waters. Then there is Chris Rashley a 3-time Moth European champion and top ten finisher in the worlds. Mike Lennon of HISC is the home club favourite.

And what of all the top International and Olympic hot-shots turning out for this one? Well, the foiling Moth is a very different beast to what most of them are use to, and requires considerable time-in-the-boat, something most of them have not been able to do . . . but it could make for interesting spectating.

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14 July 2014 17:52 GMT


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