America's Cup

Ainslie gets the nod for America's Cup

Ben Ainslie will be onboard Oracle Team USA as tactician for scheduled races 6 and 7. Oracle has decided to change tacticians, four-time Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie is in and past America’s Cup champion John Kostecki is out. And her also is the video of Iain Percy talking about the cup so far and the effect Ainslie could have . . .

Ben Ainslie sailed yesterday on Oracle team USA in practice, filling the role of tactician John Kostecki, who had come under fire for the team’s perceived tactical errors. Kostecki isn’t solely responsible for the team being down 4-0 on the scoreboard and 4-to-minus 1 in the win column, but the team obviously think that something has to change as they reach the point of no return.

What difference Ainslie can make at this late stage in the defence is dabatable, but with time running out Oracle cannot afford any more errors such as the tack which cost them the lead and race 5.

The Kiwis need to win five races to Oracle Team USA’s 10 to win the Cup. Race 6, followed by race 7 is scheduled for tonight at around 21:15 UK time.

Oracle Team USA Crew List
Skipper: Jimmy Spithill (9), Tactician: Ben Ainslie (12), Strategist: Tom Slingsby (10), Wing trimmer: Kyle Langford (8), Jib trimmer: Joe Newton (5), Off-side trimmer: Rome Kirby (4), Grinders: Shannon Falcone (1), Joe Spooner (2), Jono MacBeth (3), Gillo Nobili (6), Simeon Tienpont (7)

Emirates Team New Zealand Crew List
Skipper/helmsman: Dean Barker (14), Tactician: Ray Davies (10), Wing Trimmer: Glenn Ashby (3), Trimmer: James Dagg (9), Bow: Adam Beashel (2), Pit: Jeremy Lomas (8), Pedestal 1: Chris Ward (7), Pedestal 2: Rob Waddell (11), Pedestal 3: Grant Dalton (6), Pedestal 4: Chris McAsey (5), Float/Grinder: Derek Saward (12)