Thompson goes top at Laser Euros

After his worse result of the week, Nick Thompson hit back with a second place in the final race of the day and takes the overall lead into the final day of the Laser European Championship. Thompson leads by two points from Tonici Stipanovic of Croatia and three points from Rutgar Schaardenburg of the Netherlands. The challenge of Brazil's Robert Scheidt stumbled after he won the first race but then finished 24th in the second and ended the the day in fifth, eight points off the leader.

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In the women's Radial European Championship, Ireland's Annalise Murphy was another to suffer in the light, flukey conditions, discarding her 27th to stay 17 points clear ahead of Marit Bouwmeester of the Netherlands, with Alison Young also discarding her 18 to go third. Winner of the single race completed was Tina Mihelic of Croatia.

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Australia's Tristan Brown looks to have things undercontrol in the men's Radial World and European Championships. he won the only race completed and now has an 18 points lead from Finn Lynch of Ireland with Marcin Rudawski of Poland third. Jon Emmett finished second and is now 14th overall.

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Laser Men - European Championships 2013 (124 entries)
1st GBR 201402 Thompson, Nick 29 pts
2nd CRO 204731 Stipanovic, Tonci 31 pts
3rd NED 204567 Schaardenburg, Rutger 32 pts
4th SWE 204666 Stålheim, Jesper 35 pts
5th BRA 176622 Scheidt, Robert 37 pts
6th FRA 203800 Bernaz, Jean-Baptiste 49 pts
7th POL 196898 Zieminski, Kacper 49 pts
8th AUS 199014 Brunning, Ashley 50 pts
9th NED 204566 Heiner, Nicholas 54 pts
10th EST 203724 Rammo , Karl-martin 57 pts
11th GBR 203084 Mills-barton, Alex 63 pts
Other GBR:
13th GBR 205648 Evans, Martin 68 pts

Radial Women - European Championships 2013 (95 entries)
1st IRL 199417 Murphy, Annalise 9 pts
2nd NED 204276 Bouwmeester, Marit 26 pts
3rd GBR 202411 Young, Alison 29 pts
4th BEL 202970 Van Acker, Evi 39 pts
5th FIN 202669 Tenkanen, Heidi 40 pts
6th DEN 204750 Gunni, Sarah 44 pts
7th FIN 202670 Tenkanen, Tuula 46 pts
8th CRO 199055 Miheli?, Tina 53 pts
9th DEN 204749 Rindom, Anne-marie 57.5 pts
10th FRA 196544 de Kerangat, Mathilde 62 pts
Other GBR:
12th GBR 202551 Snellgrove, Hannah 75.0 pts

Radial Men - European & World Championships 2013 (90 entries)
1st AUS 202854 Brown, Tristan 12 pts
2nd IRL 203714 Lynch, Finn U21 30 pts
3rd POL 195310 Rudawski, Marcin 32 pts
4th ESP 196937 Cabrera Gonzalez, Juan Kevin U21 36 pts
5th SUI 199430 Schneiter, Sébastien U21 51 pts
6th BEL 202990 de Smet, William U21 55 pts
7th IRL 202051 Gilmore, Robbie U21 55 pts
8th IRL 191304 Lyden, Fionn U21 57 pts
9th ESP 192016 Perez Garcia-duran, Alejandro 57 pts
10th CAN 197177 Ramsay, Luke 58 pts
14th GBR 201509 Emmett, Jon 91.0 pts

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