Day 3 at the RS:X Worlds in Brazil

Latest news from Day 3 at the RS:X Worlds in Brazil is that after eight races, Britain's Byrony Shaw is in second behind Lee-El Korsiz of Israel and in the men's event Nick Dempsey also holds second, behind new leader Dorian van Rijsselberge of Holland. Shaw had a 12, 2, 6 scoreline but Korsiz had three firsts to sail out of sight with a 13 point lead. Dempsey scored 2, 15, 1, to be six points off the flying Dutchman with Piotr Myszka of Poland third.Othe GBR places, in the men Elliot Carney is 23, Tom Squires 27. In the women Izzy Hamilton is 15 after a 10, 4, 8 and Claudia Carney is 29.