Zara Davis raises World Windsurfer record again

Britain's Zara Davis raised the Female World Windsurfer Record for the second time in a week, setting it to 45.83 knots on Sunday from her earlier 44.92 knots, as the records continued to tumble at the 2012 “Luderitz Speed Challenge". Also on Sunday Antoine Albeau, after having smashed the 50 knots barrier several times, reached 51 knots twice registering a New Windsurfing World Record of 51.69 knots.

Davis broke her world record despite an injury from the record run earlier in the week. Speeding up on the last run of the day, she fell after passing the finish line. The British sailor was caught by a gust and hit the mast really hard. She had to be taken to hospital for seven stitches near her left eye.

Other windsurfer records to be set included:

Farrell O'Shea who improved his British Record with 48.82 knots. Anders Bringdal, set a new Swedish national record of 51.34 knots as well as the World Record on production boards with 51.34 knots.

Patrick Diethelm also broke the 50 knots barrier, finishing with the new Swiss record of 50.49 knots. And Jurjen Van der Noord, joined the 50 knots club setting the Netherlands record at 50.41 knots. Lena Erdil from Turkey set a new women's national record of 45.74 knots

Mark Grinnell from South Africa set a new national record of 48.86 knots and Matthias Rottcher from Namibia set a new national record of 47.34 knots.

The record on Tandem has been also broken (1 board / 2 sails / 2 riders) with 38.12 knots!