Zara Davis sets new Female Speed Sailing Record

British windsurfer, Zara Davis, set a new World Female Speed Sailing Record on the new somewhat deeper channel for windsurfers at Luderitz Speed Week, Walvis Bay, Nambia. Davis improved with each run, reaching the existing British record of 38.28 knots established by a kite surfer, and ending with 40.95 knots on a 500m average, which is a new World female record for windsurfing on a production board. Antoine Albeau of France, who is currently - and has been for 20 times in the past - the World Champion in Slalom held the previous World Windsurfing Record of 49.09 kts (2008), has just broken it again with 49.41 kts! (All to be ratified by WSSRC).

Zara Davis

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12 November 2012 11:15 GMT


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