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Luna Rossa win Race 1 of Louis Vuitton Cup

Italy’s Luna Rossa Challenge won Race 1 of the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinals by 2 minutes over Artemis Racing. Sailing for just the ninth day on its second AC72, Artemis Racing put forth a spirited effort. The Swedish team won the start and led at the first mark rounding, but Luna Rossa proved faster downwind on the day. The Italian AC72 consistently averaged 2-4 knots more boatspeed on the downwind legs, which allowed it to sail lower and faster towards the next mark.

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Artemis Racing came out of the blocks with pace, winning the start and leading at the first mark with a top speed of 39 knots. Artemis Racing gybed first, out toward the middle of the Bay; Luna Rossa’s gybe followed almost immediately. The additional days of training for the Italians became evident as they completed their first of many foiling gybes.

Luna Rossa demonstrated today the value of time on the water; the result is consistent communication and solid maneuvers. Artemis raced today with just eight days training in their foiling AC72 compared to Luna Rossa with over 70 days. However, at the end of today’s race there was a two-minute separation, making it the closest race so far in the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup.

Skipper Iain Percy summed up the day as “nothing but a complete success. Two months ago our goal was to complete a race, we did that and then some. We sailed our best sailing day by quite a considerable margin today. Nathan absolutely nailed the start and we couldn’t have asked for more.”

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Louis Vuitton Cup - Race 1 performance data

Course: Seven legs
Course length: 15.83 nautical miles
Elapsed time: Luna Rossa – 43:20; Artemis – 45:20
Total distance sailed: Luna Rossa – 18.78 NM; Artemis – 18.69 NM
Average speed: Luna Rossa – 26.04 knots; Artemis – 24.75 knots
Top speed: Luna Rossa – 39.19 knots; Artemis – 40.56 knots
Wind speed: average 16.1 knots; peak gust 20.4 knots

Race 1Click image for a larger image

ACEA / Artemis
6 August 2013 22:29 GMT


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