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French AC45 in $200,000 Salvage claim

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that local sailor Todd Tholke, who single-handedly rescued the runaway French AC45 catamaran Energy, issued a warrant from the US District Court to "arrest" the boat and take it into custody as soon as Sunday's races were over. He is now claiming a maritime salvage award that could be "in excess of $200,000."The America's Cup World Series boat snapped its mooring line at Piers 30-32 that night and drifted off into the darkness, unmanned and out of control. It fetched up on the rocks of Treasure Island, where it was spotted from the land by Tholke. Tholke pulled it off the shore with his 14-foot Boston Whaler. He then towed it to the Treasure Isle Marina and handed it back to the racing team.