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America's Cup final race - Oracle Win

34th America's Cup final race and ETNZ led at the first mark and at mark 2 they split tacks with ETNZ just leading. On the first cross Oracle crossed ahead and held a slim lead on the second cross. Oracle continue to extend up the beat. Approaching mark 3 (117,000 viewing on-line) Oracle round with a 26 secs lead, ETNZ split tacks at the gate but over 500 meters behind.They are sailing at 40 knots. Oracle round the final mark and head for the line. Oracle win the America's Cup with a 44 second lead over ETNZ to complete a remarkable turn-around, from 8 - 1 down to 9 - 8 winners . . .

“It was a fantastic race. We wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Spithill, the two-time Cup winner. “We came from behind, the guys showed so much heart. On your own you’re nothing, but a team like this can make you look great… We were facing the barrel of a gun at 8-1 and the guys didn’t even flinch. Thanks to San Francisco, this is one hell of a day,” Spithill said.

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34th America’s Cup Standings (first to 9 points wins)
ORACLE TEAM USA – 9 (11 wins; penalized its first two victories by the International Jury)
Emirates Team New Zealand – 8

Race 19 Performance Data
Course: 5 Legs/10.07 nautical miles
Elapsed Time: OTUSA – 23:24, ETNZ – 24:08
Delta: OTUSA +:44
Total distance sailed: OTUSA – 11.9 NM, ETNZ – 12.2 NM
Average Speed: OTUSA – 30.55 knots (35 mph), ETNZ – 30.55 knots (35 mph)
Top Speed: OTUSA – 44.33 knots (51 mph), ETNZ – 45.72 knots (53 mph)
Windspeed: Average – 18.2 knots, Peak – 21.3 knots
Number of Tacks/Jibes: OTUSA – 9/7, ETNZ – 9/7