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ETNZ fits Go-faster gear

Desperation or breakthrough? ETNZ took a leaf from the world of the car go-faster-gadget-market and rolled out their pimped-up hull for the America's Cup starting this weekend. Sticking on a wing or set of fancy wheels has always been a favourite of the all show and no go road-burners, and ETNZ suddenly discovered that at the eleventh hour they needed a couple of spoilers on the aft crossbeam and a large foredeck on the bowsprit, apparently cribbed from the one on Oracle Team USA.

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ETNZ managing director Grant Dalton claimed that his team had: "definitely improved”. When asked to quantify that improvement, he became evasive. “It’s a number,” he said without revealing the amount.

Speaking of the new appendages: “If you end plate the jib you create a downward force,” said Dalton. “Any force you can get forward helps the boat to come up more level. It pushes X number of kilos down on the end plating of the jib. We had to scramble to build that thing. It’s like building a bloody deck for a 50-footer. That was a massive scramble to get done.”

As for the spoilers on the aft crossbeam, Dalton referred to them as “pie warmers. I wanted to put flames on them, but the sailing team’s given me a great big boo, so we won’t be putting flames on the pie warmers.”

Dalton then explained the benefit: “Basically it creates more area. It’s like more wing because the apparent wind is so far forward, it’s a little bit more area.”

Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill introduced his race crew on Tuesday afternoon, hours after learning his regular wing trimmer would be ineligible to sail in the America’s Cup through an International Jury penalty.

The race team is planning to have at least two more training sessions before the America’s Cup Finals begin on Saturday. The Oracle Team USA race crew, as introduced by Jimmy Spithill on Tuesday:

James Spithill, Skipper/Helmsman
Shannon Falcone, Grinder
Rome Kirby, Grinder
John Kostecki, Grinder/Tactician
Kyle Langford, Wing Trimmer
Jonathan Macbeth, Grinder
Joe Newton, Jib Trimmer
Gilberto Nobili, Grinder
Tom Slingsby, Grinder/Strategist
Joe Spooner, Grinder
Simeon Tienpont, Grinder

America’s Cup Final schedule (first to 9 points wins)

• Saturday, Sept. 7: Final Race 1 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 2 (2:15 pm PT)
• Sunday, Sept. 8: Final Race 3 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 4 (2:15 pm PT
• Tuesday, Sept. 10: Final Race 5 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 6 (2:15 pm PT)
• Thursday, Sept. 12: Final Race 7 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 8 (2:15 pm PT)
• Saturday, Sept. 14: Final Race 9 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 10* (2:15 pm PT)
• Sunday, Sept. 15: Final Race 11* (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 12* (2:15 pm PT)
• Monday, Sept. 16: Reserve Day
• Tuesday, Sept. 17: Final Race 13* (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 14* (2:15 pm PT)
• Wednesday, Sept. 18: Reserve Day
• Thursday, Sept. 19: Final Race 15* (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 16* (2:15 pm PT)
• Friday, Sept. 20: Reserve Day
• Saturday, Sept. 21: Final Race 17* (1:15 pm PT)
• Sunday, Sept. 22: Reserve Day
• Monday, Sept. 23: Reserve Day
(*If necessary.)

Note: By order of the International Jury and pursuant to Protocol Article 15.4(d)(iv), Oracle Team USA shall be penalized one point for each of the first two races of the Match in which they would otherwise score a point

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5 September 2013 6:23 GMT


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